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Beakers, Low Form, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$1.00 – $25.00
Beakers Plastic Polypropylene are invaluable in laboratories, providing reliable performance in a range of tasks such as mixing and handling fluids. These beakers are resistant to degradation and corrosion from...
Beakers, Tall Form with Spout, Fused Quartz -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$50.00 – $119.00
Fused Quartz Beakers boosts accuracy when transferring liquids, eliminating the chance of leakage and guaranteeing accurate pouring. Fused quartz exhibits thermal durability, making these beakers suitable for experiments involving extreme...
TPX Beakers
$4.00 – $194.00
Beakers TPX are incredibly versatile, allowing one to observe reactions or measurements without affecting the sample integrity. Their superior chemical resistance and transparency combine to make them perfect for a...
Beaker Nylon Brush
$6.00 – $7.00
Brush, specially made to clean Beakers/Bottles. The nylon bristles are great for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. It is also very flexible, you can bend it around for hard-to-reach places. This brush comes...
Beehive Shelf Porcelain
$3.00 – $5.00
Beehive Shelf Porcelain can be used to securely hold a receptacle or tube while gas is collected above a water-filled pneumatic trough. This accessory is designed to provide a stable...
Bell Jar Experiment Kit
Bell Jar Experiment Kit which takes its name from its conical form, comes with a vacuum plate and a battery-operated electric bell. This pump plate and bell jar can be...
Bell Jar With Glass Stopper
The Bell Jar with Glass Stopper is a precise laboratory glassware with airtight glass stopper, perfect for creating controlled atmospheric conditions and studying physical properties under reduced pressure. The Bell...
Bench Mat Heat Resistant
$4.00 – $7.00
The Bench Mat Heat Resistant is a necessary accessory in laboratory safety equipment. Its high-temperature tolerance and durable design shield laboratory benches and workstations from potential damage caused by hot...
Bench Mat Silicone
$7.00 – $20.00
The Bench Mat Silicone is suitable for a variety of uses in laboratories, such as schools, universities, and industries. It effectively protects work surfaces from extreme temperatures. Features: Long-lasting/hard-wearing Available...
Biology Charts
Biology Charts provide a vital visual reference for classrooms and laboratories, providing concise and comprehensive depictions of biological principles, processes, and structures. These educational tools promote learning and understanding of...
Block Calorimeter
$39.00 – $65.00
Block Calorimeter Aluminium is used to precisely measure the thermal capacity of metals, a thermodynamics and calorimetry must-have. It accurately measures heat transfer during physical or chemical reactions. Its aluminum block...
Boat Combustion with Handle, Fused Silica/Quartz -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
  Boat Combustion with Handle, Fused Silica/Quartz are accurate for high-temperature laboratory processes. It provides maximum durability and resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion. Its precisely designed shape optimizes...
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