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Draining Racks Wall Mount Polycarbonate


Size: 20Pegs

SKU: P81741

Draining Racks Wall Mount Polycarbonate is a reliable and efficient method of drying lab equipment like beakers, test tubes and glassware in laboratories. This rack is not only ideal for optimizing available space but guarantees an orderly drying area.

Draining Rack provides an excellent option for post-wash draining of tubes & bottles in the laboratory. The backplate has 20/56 holes into which pegs are tightened with the help of screw-nuts. The bottom of the rack is provided with a tray that collects all the wastewater drained down which can further be collected in a container via a drain tube. This rack does not rot, stain, or rust.

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene / Polycarbonate

Brand: PolyLab

Item Code Height (CM) Width (CM) Thickness Pegs Weight (with packaging)
P81741 49.5 35 .42CM 20 2Kg
P81742 72 51.8 .5CM 56 5Kg
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20Pegs, 56Pegs

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