Glass Melting Point Sample Retention Capillary Tubes

Glass Melting Point Sample Retention Capillary Tubes


Type: Both Ends Open

Both Ends Open
One End Closed
SKU: 15.00.09611

Glass melting point sample retention capillary tubes are essential for accurate laboratory analysis of melting points. Manufactured from high-grade glass, they feature a controlled environment that allows for precise observation and measurement of the point where solids transition to liquids. Also, these tubes can retain small sample sizes, making repeatable and accurate melting point determinations reliable.

Crafted to be extremely durable, these capillary tubes have been designed for reliable and consistent results in melting point analysis. They are capable of withstanding intense temperatures for prolonged periods of time, allowing for the analysis of samples with preserved integrity.

Melting Point Tubes are made of Clear Glass and come with either both ends open or one end closed. widely used in biochemistry, plant, and organic, analysis by TLC point sample. They can be sealed in a bunsen burner flame. Comes in a box of 100 pcs.

Packing: Price/100 Pcs

Item Code Type Ext Dia. (mm) Int Dia. (mm) Length (mm)
15.00.09611 Both Ends Open 1.00 0.80 90
15.00.0962 One End Closed 1.00 0.80 75
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Both Ends Open, One End Closed
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