Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate Simmerstat

Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate Simmerstat


Material: Control

SKU: SE.CH2090-001

The Magnetic Stirrer/Hot Plate Simmerstat combines heating and stirring with precise temperature control. It is frequently used in scientific research, chemical synthesis, and pharmaceutical applications to mix, heat, and maintain uniform temperatures during experiments and reactions.

A: Control: Plain, rectangular, high temperature alloy top plate

B. With PTFE: Rectangular, high temperature alloy top plate with PTFE (Teflon) coating to resist corrosion and for easy cleaning.

Product Specification 

Dimensions: 180mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 125mm (H)
Plate Size: 200x180mm
Material: High temperature aluminium alloy
Front Panel Controls: Mains ON/OFF Switch (illuminated)
Power: 220/240V.AC. 50/60 Hz. 3 Amp approx. Element 650 watt
Cooling: Ventilated Housing and heat baffles mounted to the underside of hot plate
Max Plate Surface Temp: 420degc w/small load and w/heat control on 'FULL'
Head Adjustment: 0-10 on scale
Weight: 2.4kg
Brand: AND


Product Code Item Descriptions
SE.CH2090-001 Control Read Instruction Sheet
SE.CH2091-001 With PTFE Read Instruction Sheet
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Control, With PTFE
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