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Gooch Crucibles, Borosilicate Glass -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$23.00 – $33.00
Gooch Sintered Crucibles are used for laboratory filtration and gravimetric analysis. Their porous structure is achieved via sintering, allowing them to successfully separate liquids and solids. Made with materials like...
Glass Constant Pressure Equalizing Funnels
$29.00 – $65.00
Glass Pressure Equalizing Funnels are must-have instruments in lab settings, designed for consistent liquid transfers. The addition of a sidearm ensures pressure release during transport, while their borosilicate glass construction...
Thistle Top Funnels
Thistle Top Funnels are laboratory instruments frequently employed for regulated liquid transfer. They have long tubes with enlarged tops, resembling a thistle, permitting accurate pouring or directed dispensation of liquids...
Constant Pressure Equalising Addition Rotaflow Funnel
$26.00 – $31.00
The Constant Pressure Equalising Addition Rotaflow Funnel is an essential tool for laboratories, providing a consistent liquid addition rate. The funnel maintains constant pressure while adding liquids, ensuring a regulated...
47mm Membrane Polysulfone Funnel Set
$323.00 $306.00
The 47mm Membrane Funnel Set provides accurate and rapid filtration for lab applications, boasting a design that facilitates filtration with accuracy and ease. Expertly crafted to guarantee a streamlined filtration...
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