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Test Tubes with Rim, Fused Quartz -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$14.98 – $27.98
Test Tubes Quartz are reliable laboratory vessels for accurate observations and precise measurements. These test tubes deliver dependability across scientific procedures. Additionally, their compatibility with a range of laboratory instruments...
Thermometer Clamp Aluminium/Copper
$22.98 $14.98
Thermometer Clamp in Aluminium/Copper is an essential tool for accurate temperature readings in the laboratory. This ensures corrosion-resistant stability for anchoring your thermometer while performing experiments. It's also adjustable, providing...
Tubing Fused Quartz
$19.98 – $29.98
Tubing Fused Quartz is composed of high-grade fused quartz material, making it highly suitable for laboratory and industrial processes requiring both thermal and chemical resistance. Its spotless character provides the...
Tweezers/Forceps, Curved Fine Points, SS -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$3.48 – $13.48
Tweezers Forceps Curved Fine Points are a must-have precision instrument for any laboratory or scientific environment. Corrosion resistance with curved fine points offer unparalleled control and accuracy when handling delicate,...
Utility Tray, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$33.98 – $44.98
The Utility Tray Polypropylene is a purposeful organizational apparatus created to increase laboratory efficiency and tidiness. This tray is a versatile base for organizing lab materials while keeping them conveniently...
Volumetric Flasks, Screw Cap, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$5.98 – $10.89
  Volumetric Flasks, Screw Cap, Polypropylene measure out liquids in laboratory settings. The screw caps create a secure seal, offering spillage and evaporation protection. Polypropylene makes them suitable for a...
Volumetric Flasks Amber Class B
$11.98 – $35.98
Volumetric flasks in amber, manufactured to Class B standards, measure volume precisely and store materials. Their amber hue safeguards light-sensitive compounds from damage from UV rays, making them worthy of...
Watch Glasses -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
$0.89 – $16.98
Watch glass is an essential device in the laboratory for drying of crystals and crystal forming. The Convex shape of these watch glass allows gravity to amass crystals in the centre...
Water distillation Kit
$2,899.98 $1,999.98
A Water Distillation Kit is an indispensable tool for generating safe drinking water, as it is an efficient approach to purify water for consumption. The kit boils the water to...
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