Tubing Fused Quartz

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Length of Tube: 200mm

SKU: 13.200.10

Tubing Fused Quartz is composed of high-grade fused quartz material, making it highly suitable for laboratory and industrial processes requiring both thermal and chemical resistance. Its spotless character provides the perfect material for handling fluids and transmitting light with precision.

Its ability to retain its strength and resist thermal shock make it an optimal choice for applications like chemical production, semiconductor manufacture, and analytical instrumentation.

Tubing Fused Quartz is the perfect choice for scientific and industrial applications, due to its high purity and superior optical properties. Withstanding temperatures of up to 1300°C and a low thermal expansion coefficient of only 5 x 10-7/°C, this product provides a reliable option for various applications. Fused Quartz tubing has a wall thickness of 1mm.

Temp. resistive up to 1000°C.

Material: Fused Quartz

Item Code OD (mm) ID (mm) Length (mm)
13.200.10 10 8 mm 200mm
13.250.10 10 8 mm 250mm
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Length of Tube

200mm, 250mm

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