Detachable PTFE Key Stopcocks

Detachable PTFE Key Stopcocks


Type: 2Way

SKU: P55301

Detachable PTFE Key Stopcocks provide precise regulation of liquid flow throughout laboratory instruments and systems. Constructed of chemically inert PTFE, these stopcocks offer superior corrosion resistance and are ideal for use in a variety of chemical environments without fear of contamination or degradation.

Polypropylene Stop Cocks are fitted with a PTFE plug & have serrated tabulations that accept from 6 mm to 10 mm tubing. These Stop Cocks are absolutely leak proof and are available in two different options i.e. 2 way & 3 ways.

Material: Polypropylene/PTFE

Brand: PolyLab

Code Type
P55301 Stop Cock 2 Way
P55302 Stop Cock 3 Way
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2Way, 3Way
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