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Rack for Petri Dishes Polycarbonate


Size: 60mm(56 pcs)

60mm(56 pcs)
90mm(60 pcs)
SKU: P69102

Rack for Petri Dishes Polycarbonate offers superior chemical-resistance and robustness, making it a practical and reliable choice for laboratory settings. Providing optimal organization and storage of Petri dishes, it can be relied on for extended use in a variety of laboratory contexts.

These Racks are clear acrylic construction with polycarbonate posts. These racks are very useful during inoculation, incubation & Storage. Visibility from all sides enables the culture to be seen & checked during incubation.

Material: Polymethyl Methacrylate / Polycarbonate

Brand: PolyLab

Code Size
P69101 Rack for 90 mm Petri Dishes (For 60pcs)
P69102 Rack for 60 mm Petri Dishes (For 56 Pcs)
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60mm(56 pcs), 90mm(60 pcs)

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