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Reagent Bottles Narrow Mouth HDPE


Capacity: 60ml

SKU: P33405

Reagent Bottles Narrow Mouth HDPE are critical laboratory tools for storing and transferring reagents and chemicals. The risk of spills and wastage is reduced when making transfers. HDPE construction makes them tough and resistant to various chemicals, protecting the reagents from outside contaminants and preserving their integrity.

Reagent Bottles Narrow Mouth HDPE are lab-grade containers made of strong and lightweight HDPE material. Their narrow-mouth design offers easy and precise pouring, offering less spillage and improved lab safety. Ideal for use in labs and research facilities.

Reagent bottles' narrow mouth is highly reliable and durable. Rigid & translucent, these bottles are not autoclavable. However, can be radiation sterilized. The seal ring inside the cap makes these bottles totally leakproof.

Material: High-Density Polyethylene

Brand: PolyLab

 Other sizes are available as per the table below. Contact us for further information.

Item Code Capacity (ml)
P33401 4
P33402 8
P33403 15
P33404 30
P33405 60
P33406 125
P33407 250
P33408 500
P33409 1000


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