Graham Coil Condensers

Graham Coil Condensers


NS/Size(mm): B24/300mm

SKU: 11.00.0312

The Graham Coil Condenser is a vital component of any laboratory setup, enabling efficient cooling and condensation of vapors. Its coiled tube design creates an extended condensation path, aiding in the separation and collection of substances during scientific experiments and distillation processes.

Coil Condenser glass connectors are made from BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass making them suitable for distillation and reflux applications. These condensers are highly efficient with a large cooling surface and come with detachable glass. Cooling Water passes into the body and distillates passing through the coil.

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Item Code Socket/Cone Length (mm)
11.00.0311 B 19 300
11.00.0312 B 24 300
11.00.0313 B 24 400
11.00.0014 B 24 500
11.00.0015 B 34 500
11.00.0016 B24 600
11.00.0017 B 34 600
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B24/300mm, B24/500mm, B34/500mm, B24/600mm, B34/600mm
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