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Specimen Insect Bug Viewer
The Specimen Insect Bug Viewer is a vital tool in entomology studies to observe and analyze insect specimens with precision, allowing for detailed examination of morphological features and behavioral patterns....
Semi-Circular Prism
The Semi-Circular Prism Acrylic is a material used in optics experiments and educational demonstrations. This geometric component is made of acrylic and has a semi-circular shape, which allows for precise...
Biconcave Lens Round
$16.25 – $19.50
The Round Lens Biconcave is a precision optical component commonly used in scientific and laboratory settings for manipulating light and correcting imaging distortions. Its design features two concave surfaces and...
Rectangular Prism Block Acrylic Glass
180 x 125 x 25mm / Acrylic125 x 65 x 18mm / Acrylic75 x 50 x 18mm / Glass110 x 62 x 18mm / Glass
$9.10 – $58.50
A Rectangular Prism Block refers to a three-dimensional geometric shape with six rectangular faces, twelve edges, and eight vertices. They are used for used for optical experiments. The use of rectangular...
Plastic Refraction Tank Semi-Circular
ClearPrinted Angles
$16.90 – $20.80
The Refraction Tank Semi-Circular is an essential tool for studying light and its interaction with different materials in the field of optics. It offers valuable observations and analyses, uncovering key...
Liquid Level Apparatus 4 Different Sizes
The Liquid Level Apparatus allows for precise measurements and demonstrations of liquid levels in multiple tubes, aiding in the study of fluid dynamics, hydrostatics, and pressure measurement. This apparatus includes...
Cylindrical Lens Biconvex
The Cylindrical Lens Biconvex is a precision optical element commonly used in scientific and laboratory settings to focus and collimate light. Its unique shape corrects astigmatism and is essential for...
Cloud Bottle Cloud Demonstration
Cloud Bottle Cloud Demo provides a visual representation of cloud formation in action. Its purpose is to teach students about condensation, cooling, and the ways particles help form clouds. By...
Cartesian Diver Glass
A Cartesian diver, also known as a Cartesian devil, is an experiment demonstrating the correlation between buoyancy (Archimedes' principle) and the ideal gas law. This provides an engaging and visual...
Plain Mirror Double Sided Unbreakable
50x50mm / Pack of 1050x75mm / Pack of 10100x50mm / Pack of 5100x100mm / pack of 5100x150mm / Pack of 5
$20.80 – $57.20
The Plain Mirror Double Sided Unbreakable has been expertly crafted for use in various scientific and laboratory applications for a range of optical experiments, such as analyzing light reflection, refraction, and...
Giant Mirror Jumbo Concave Convex
The Giant Mirror Jumbo Concave Convex is a powerful and essential tool for scientific and laboratory usage. Its dual concave and convex surfaces allow for precise examination of light reflection...
Giant Mirror Combi Concave Convex
A Giant Mirror Combi Concave Convex is a specialized optical instrument with both concave and convex surfaces, crafted for experiments involving optics, physics, and image manipulation. With this tool, researchers...

ScienceEquip’s range of lab glassware is made from borosilicate 3.3 Glass which is transparent and can withstand any change in temperature. We also stock a limited range of soda-lime glass products that are widely used in science laboratory equipment.

We have been supplying laboratory equipment to many Australian industries i.e. Pharmaceutical; Healthcare; Food & Beverages; Soil Testing; Environmental Monitoring, Academic & Research Institutes, Diagnostic Kits; Life Sciences; Engineering; Molecular Science; Automobile Industry; Farming; Fisheries; Energy oil refineries; Dairy; Concrete Solutions; Mining; Brewery & Winery; Distilleries; Schools; Universities; Nursing; Hospitals; Pathology; Beauty Salons; Plumbing; Dental; Photo printing; process systems & lighting; and Medical Centres.

While our range of laboratory glassware products is extensive, we also specialize in custom-designed products for specific purposes. Please feel free to contact us with any queries.
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