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Pipette Controller


A Pipette Controller supports many laboratory operations, providing a comfortable, user-friendly, and effective way to aspirate and discharge precise volumes of liquids.

Using a pipette controller minimizes hand exhaustion and ensures repeatable and reliable results. This apparatus has adjustable speed settings, making it possible to customize the aspiration and dispensing speeds for handling various liquids, from diluted liquids to thick solutions, effortlessly.

Pipette Controller, for the size of 1 To 100ml Pipettes, Brand: Levo

Levo Brand Pipette controller/Filler are  Comfortable and easy to use, have Precise pipetting control & One-Hand Operation, have beautiful elegant robust design and lightweight, Fits the entire range from 1 to 100ml of Glass and Plastic Pipettes, volumetric and graduated both,  the  3µm filter (replaceable)  prevents cross contamination and protects over aspiration, Easy to maintain and clean, easily controlled Filling and delivery even with a small sensitive level.

Brand: Levo

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