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Nessler Cylinder Stands Polypropylene


Capacity: 50ml

SKU: P76101

Nessler Cylinder Stands Polypropylene provide reliable and long-lasting performance in laboratory environments. Their chemical-resistance and precision-made design make them essential for any lab conducting colorimetric or volumetric measurements.

Nessler stand, as the name suggests, is used for keeping Nessler cylinders. Made of polypropylene, this stand is available in two sizes, one for 50ml Nessler cylinders & other for 100ml Nessler cylinders.

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

Code ID Hole Upto Capacity
P76101 26.5mm 6 Tubes Holder 50 ml
P76102 35mm 6 Tubes Holder 100 ml
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50ml, 100ml
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