Glass Reactor With Metal Jacket
Glass Reactor With Metal Jacket

Glass Reactor With Metal Jacket


A Glass Reactor with Metal Jacket is an essential tool for laboratory use. The transparency of the glass allows for observation and monitoring of reactions, while the metal jacket adds an extra level of temperature regulation. These reactors are commonly used in processes requiring precise temperature control iincluding chemical synthesis, crystallization, and other mixing operations.

Glass Metal Jacketed Reactor

Capacity: 5-200 litre
Pressure: - up to 1 Bar
Temperature: -50°C to +200°C
Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3 /PTFE/ SS 316.

Glass Reactor with Metal jacket for chemical & pharmaceutical industries for process development. Glass reactor will have a metal jacket and metal insulation.

According to the customer's requirements and standards,  Our manufacturer will make a jacketed glass reactor which has many functions to satisfy kinds of experiments. 

 Key Features:
Ÿ Reactor lift for easy opening i.e. optimised for easy vessel cleaning.
Ÿ Temperature monitoring and control.
Ÿ Gas purging is available.
Ÿ Vacuum/exhaust piping arrangement.
Ÿ Additional feeders/receivers as per requirement.
Ÿ Solid feeding arrangement.
Ÿ Ready for Cryogenic reactions (-50°C).
Ÿ Mixed systems with pressure reactor and vacuum distillation.
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