Electronic High Precision Balance SAB 203L- 200g x 0.001g

Electronic High Precision Balance SAB 203L- 200g x 0.001g

SKU: SAB 203L- 200g x 0.001g

Electronic High Precision Balance SAB 203L- 200g x 0.001g has advanced electronic components and load cells that guarantee reliable, precise results, while the digital display ensures instantaneous, accurate measurements of a variety of substances. Sensitivity of 0.001g further enables meticulous measurements.

Scale-Tec's Electronic High Precision Balances have what it takes for lab work, field use, and various industrial applications. They feature a weighing unit and DC operations. Density and specific gravity determination are easy with the below balance weighing feature, and the removable draft shield eliminates wind disturbances outdoors or in drafty environments. Internal calibration weight provides reliable readings time after time. With built-in applications for parts counting, percentage weighing, and totalization, Scaletec's balances are packed full of useful features.

Specification Model SAB 200E Portable
Capacity (g) 200
Tare Range Full Range
Display LCD with backlight
Accuracy 0.001
Repeatability ±0.002g
Linearity ±0.002g
Response Time (Seconds) <3 Sec
Ambient Temperature 5°C to 45°C
Pan Size (mm) approx.  Ø / 80mm Ø
Power Requirements DC12V, 1A
Battery Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Calibration Weight (g) Included 100 g
Warm-up Time(s) Minutes 15-20M


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