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Aspirator Bottles Polypropylene

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Capacity: 2ltr

SKU: P34100

Aspirator Bottles Polypropylene are essential laboratory instruments, designed for the secure disposal of liquids. These bottles offer outstanding chemical stability, enabling them to safely contain and dispose of a mixture of lab substances while protecting the longevity of the container.

Aspirator Bottles Polypropylene are made from a durable, chemically resistant material, ideal for storing and transferring a variety of liquids. Their leak-proof design and capacity for storing different volumes of liquid make them an ideal choice for laboratory or industrial applications.

Aspirator Bottles are much lighter than glass. These are autoclavable, dependable and durable. The leak-proof spigot screwed to the bottle body requires only a half turn to open or close. These bottles are used for storing or dispensing distilled water and other laboratory solutions.

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

Stopcock (Outlet) ID: 13MM

Stopcock (Outlet) OD: 19MM

Packing: Price/Pc

Item Code Capacity (Ltr) Pcs/Pk.
P34100 2 1
P34101 5 1
P34102 10 1
P34103 20 1
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