Laboratory Apron Rubberised

Laboratory Apron Rubberised


Size: Small

SKU: lab.rubber.apron.small

This Laboratory Apron, Rubberised, is designed to protect individuals working in lab and industrial settings where liquids and chemicals are present. Its durable rubberized material forms a barrier against splashes, spills, and hazardous substances. The rubberized surface provides an impenetrable layer, preventing exposure of the wearer's clothing, and safeguarding against potential contamination.

Laboratory Apron:

This rubberized apron is as tough as it is flexible. It's impermeable and acid-resistant, making it ideal for dissections, college chemistry, and professional lab work. Plus, it's easy to clean and comes in a range of sizes to suit science classes from 5th grade to college. It's a classroom essential.
Material Warning: Latex
Disclaimer: Latex items can become discoloured and eventually damaged if exposed to heat.

Store away from heat.

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