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upto 5Ltrupto 10Ltr
$399.98 – $649.98
A Hotplate is a commonplace laboratory tool, intended to heat samples or substances with great accuracy. Usually, it consists of a heated plate, with the ability to adjust the heat,...
Magenta Box
The Magenta Box is an essential tool for microbiology research and testing in labs, offering precise design features and functionality. This box forms a controlled habitat for growing microorganisms, functioning...
Staining Box
A Staining Box is an invaluable laboratory asset. Typically made of chemical-resistant polypropylene, these resilient boxes enable precise and efficient staining and slide processing. Multiple compartments also make it possible...
Pipette Box
The Pipette Box provides an ideal storage solution for laboratories conducting liquid handling procedures. The strong outer shell eliminates environmental impurities and shields pipettes from potential breakage. Its customizable interior...