Advantages of Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers in a Science Laboratory

Advantages of Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers in a Science Laboratory

What is a bottle top dispenser (BTD)?

A BTD for a layman is a scientific apparatus that helps better the liquid handling process in a laboratory. A more scientific explanation of a bottle top dispenser is that it helps to dispense chemical reagents such as acids, bases, alkalis, etc. Manual dispensing of these liquids is, of course, possible but it poses various threats and accuracy barriers. The spilling of liquids in a laboratory can become the cause of fatal accidents as well.

A bottle top dispenser is an ideal alternative to facilitate this process for scientists. Microlit BTDs are calibrated in an ISO certified laboratory and are the most preferred bottle top dispensers by all scientists. These bottle top dispensers are available in three models, namely- Microlit Scitus, Microlit Beatus and Microlit Ultimus.

Now that we know what are bottle top dispensers used for and which brand of BTD manufacturer is the most reliable, let us find out few of the innumerable benefits of using a bottle top dispenser in your laboratory:

1. Ease of use and safety

The first and foremost concern of every scientist working at the lab is making sure every experiment is conducted safely. Bottle top dispensers not only ensure the safety at lab throughout the experiment but also make the task easier. With accidental splashing and excessive movement being eliminated from the process, BTDs top our list of equipment that make the life of a scientist easier and safer. 


2. It improves accuracy and precision

Did you know a bottle top dispenser can give an accuracy of about 0.5% to 0.6%?

That kind of accuracy sounds like every scientist’s wish! Moreover, the narrow delivery tube of the BTD enables the dispensing of liquid in small containers like test tubes and 1-5 ml beakers.


3. It makes quick-work possible

If you personally work at a lab, you’ll know how time-consuming each experiment can be. In such a state, finding an apparatus that would facilitate rapid work can be a blessing for scientists. A bottle top dispenser helps better the overall productivity at work by allowing smooth and error-free sampling.


4. It minimizes wastage of reagents

The recirculation valve in a bottle top dispenser prevents loss of reagents during purging. The valve redirects the liquid into the mounted bottle and allows bubble-free dispensing. The dispensers come with different adapters to fit almost all kinds of bottles. The telescopic inlet tube allows the dispenser to be used with different bottles by adjusting the length of the tube.


5. It is better for our environment

Since the dispenser lets the reagents to be directly transferred into the container, it eliminates the use of plastic consumables like tips. This prevents unnecessary expenditure and equipment wastage.

We hope these top benefits of using a bottle top dispenser help you make a wise choice for your laboratory. For more information on scientific equipment and their usage, reach out to us today!

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