The Importance Of Being Familiar With Laboratory Equipment & Their Uses

Conducting scientific experiments is fun! But at the same time, it can be hazardous. There are many ways to be mindful and cautious while dabbling with science. Of course, the most important one is knowing the science equipment one is using as well the uses of this laboratory equipment.

Not knowing the laboratory equipment and their uses have proven to be fatal and will continue being harmful. This blog article will help you eliminate the likelihood of any kind of damage caused by the laboratory apparatus.

Let’s go step by step in this process of eliminating hazards:

  • Always, always, always wear safety goggles

    It is a must, and under no circumstances can one skip this step, no matter what the duration of your interaction with the apparatus. Any kind of science experiment cannot happen without safety goggles. At any point in time, if you are handling laboratory equipment, hazardous material or chemicals (strong or not), safety goggles have to be worn. Like the old age saying goes, precaution is better than cure. Let’s assume that you are a forgetful person in nature. The best way then would be to make it a point to wear these goggles before you enter a laboratory.

  • How well do you know what you are using?

    It is paramount to use the right kind of laboratory apparatus for each and every experiment. Whether to use an electronic pipette or a manual one for a certain experiment, which type of scales to use for the experiment, are questions that you should have answers to before starting off with the experiment. The uses of laboratory equipment available in the laboratory are knowledge one should have before even beginning to think of an experiment. Over and above the reasons mentioned, knowing one’s science equipment will only aid in having a successful experiment and might help in correcting errors.

  • Is the equipment of good quality?

    Other than knowing laboratory equipment and their uses, one should know how much it can handle. In other words, Is this equipment of the best quality? Like we emphasize the kind of cutlery we buy for our microwaves, we should be mindful of the quality of science equipment that we put in our laboratories. Not only is it going to hinder or affect the experiment you are planning to conduct, but it will also be a massive red flag for your health, at the least.

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We hope these pointers and the blog article has given you sufficient push to get more inquisitive about the laboratory equipment you are interacting with and its uses. Safe to say, never settle for any scientific equipment that is sub-par. Curiosity can, and should not be killed. To keep the scientific temperament going, follow these few, yet extremely important points. 

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