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Wire Gauze Mat Ceramic Center


Size: 15cmX15cm

SKU: WireGauz15.15

This Wire Gauze Mat with Ceramic Center is an essential lab tool designed to provide a secure and heat-resistant surface for various laboratory operations. It includes a strong wire frame with a central ceramic piece acting as a dependable base for experiments that involve open flames.

The ceramic center of the wire gauze mat diffuses the heat, providing uniform heat distribution and protecting lab glassware from direct contact with flames. This is especially beneficial during heating operations involving Bunsen burners or alcohol lamps. The ceramic material also has a high temperature tolerance, contributing to a secure and managed lab atmosphere.

Durable wire gauze comes with a ceramic center and a frame. This gauze is made of mesh galvanized iron wire and has a small quantity of organic binder, which may temporarily produce a small flame or a little bit of smoke when the gauze is first heated.


1. 15CM X 15CM Frame

2. 20CM X 20CM Frame

Packing: 1 Pc/Pk.

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15cmX15cm, 20cmX20cm

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