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Three Prong Clamps Mild Steel


Rod Length (Inch): 9"

SKU: Lal.13.00.1203

Three Prong Clamps Mild Steel are essential tools in lab setups, providing a strong foundation for various components during research and testing. Their three-pronged form ensures a safe grasp on lab glassware, establishing a steady and dependable connection between multiple parts. 

This versatile lab equipment is made of Brass moulded with Mild Steel, Chrome Plated Rod, Brass Chrome Plated Screws and designed for supporting a range of implements. The jaws of the clamp are crossed and duly covered with rubber tubes and are able to open up to a maximum distance of 100 mm and are lined with cork so that implements can be held firmly without shattering. Duly powder coated finishing.

Brand: Lalco.

Packing: 1 Pc/Pk 

Item Code Rod Length (Inch)
Lalco13.00.1203  9"
Lalco13.00.1204  12"
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Rod Length (Inch)

9", 12"
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