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Separatory Funnels PP


Capacity: 100ml

SKU: P81201

Separatory Funnels PP enable easy separation and extraction of immiscible liquids. Constructed from top-quality PP material, these funnels are highly resistant to chemicals, allowing them to be used with many different solvents. Their conical design and valve at the bottom allow discriminative separation of substances dependent on their densities.

Separatory Funnels made of Polypropylene by PolyLab. This funnel has excellent clarity and strength. This pear-shaped, autoclavable separatory funnel has a leakproof threaded Screwcap. The polypropylene stopcock, fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug, is push-fitted to the stem of the separatory funnel.

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

Item Code Capacity (ml)
P81201 100 ml
P81202 250 ml
P81203 500 ml
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100ml, 250ml, 500ml
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