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Scale-Tec Analytical Balance SAB 224CL- 220g x 1mg


Scale-Tec Analytical Balance SAB 224CL- 220g x 1mg is in precise weighing with its 220g capacity and 1mg readability. Advanced technology ensures accurate measurements and consistent results, while a highly-precise weighing mechanism ensures dependable readings.

Scale-Tec's analytical balances have what it takes for lab work, field use, and various industrial applications. They feature multiple weighing units, RS- 232, a rechargeable battery pack, and AC operation. Density and specific gravity determination are easy with the below balance weighing feature, and the removable draft shield eliminates wind disturbances outdoors or in drafty environments. External calibration weight provides reliable readings time after time. With built-in applications for parts counting, percentage weighing, and totalization, Scaletec's balances are packed full of useful features. 

Specification Model SAB 224CL
Readability 0.001g
Verification Scale Interval 1mg
Max.Capacity (g) 220g
Zero Range 220g
Display Digital
Accuracy 0.1mg
Repeatability Error ±0.3mg
Linearity ±0.3mg
Response Time (Seconds) ≤ 5Sec
Ambient Temperature 15°C to 35°C
Pan Size (mm) approx. 90mm Ø
Power Requirements AC adapter, AC (25-240)V
DC Power Source/Power requirements 7.5v
Calibration  External 200(E2)G
Net weight (approx.) 3.0Kg
Weighing Chamber height (from pan to cover) 200mm
Dimension 210X280X350mm
Default warmup Factory set  Minimum 10 minutes


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