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Plastic Pasteur Pipettes


Size: 1ml


Pack/Size: 25 Pcs/Pk

25 Pcs/Pk
50 Pcs/Pk
100 Pcs/Pk
SKU: PP20101.25

Plastic Pasteur pipettes are a cost-effective choice for labs looking to transfer small volumes of liquids. As a disposable tool, they are meant for single-use applications, eliminating the need for cleaning or sterilization steps.

Their malleability and small tip enable accurate and precise liquid transfers, making them perfect for laboratory operations where executing small quantities of liquids is required.

Disposable Pasteur/transfer pipettes are made of Low-density polyethylene, which ensures excellent Clarity.  These graduated pipettes have excellent reproducibility of the number of drops per millilitre thus making them the best option for distributing/transferring aliquots of liquid portions. The long slender tip guarantees the precision transfer of the samples.

Material: Polyethylene

Item Code Capacity (ml)  Pack of
PP20101 1 25
PP20102 3 25
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1ml, 3ml


25 Pcs/Pk, 50 Pcs/Pk, 100 Pcs/Pk
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