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Plain Desiccators Polypropylene


Size: 150mm

SKU: P55201
Plain Desiccators Polypropylene offer laboratories an efficient and economical way to establish dry conditions and protect moisture-sensitive materials and samples. Their transparent design provides reliable visibility and precise control in a range of laboratory settings.
Plain Desiccators are physically the same as Vacuum desiccators. The only difference is the absence of stopcock. Grease should be applied on the flanges to make it airtight. Both Vacuum and Plain Desiccators are provided with a thick perforated Polypropylene disc with a big hole in the centre for easy lifting. The tiny holes in the disc provide air troughs and support to the dishes. However, porcelain discs are advisable in case of incandescent crucibles.

Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate

Brand: PolyLab

Item Code Size (mm) Flange O.D (mm) I.D (mm)
P55201 150 171 150
P55202 200 232 199
P55203 250 276 240
P55208 300 340 300
P55209 380
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