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Penny Head Stoppers Borosilicate Glass


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Penny Head Stoppers are crafted from borosilicate glass, making them a crucial component for any laboratory. Securing flasks, vials, and apparatus, these stoppers offer a reliable and airtight seal, preventing any liquid or gas spillage. They are invaluable for lab experiments, helping to maintain conditions and safely store chemicals for further use.

Solid Penny Head Stoppers are made of Borosilicate 3.3 glass which is resistant to heat and almost all chemicals. Penny Head Stoppers can be provided in an Amber color upon request.

Packing: 1Pc/Pk

 Other sizes are available as per the table below. Contact us for further information.

Item Code N S
15.00.0321 10/19
15.00.0322 14/23
15.00.0323 19/26
15.00.0324 24/29
15.00.0325 29/32
15.00.0326 34/35
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B 10, B 14, B 19, B 24, B 29
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