Muffle Tray Fused Quartz

Muffle Tray Fused Quartz

SKU: T2110

Muffle Tray Fused Quartz is composed of a high-grade fused quartz, designed to serve as an effective container for heat-treating samples in labs. This tray's resilient construction and heat resistance makes it ideal for applications needing precise temperature control.

Featuring a flat rectangular shape, it allows for even distribution of heat, making it suitable for a vast assortment of laboratory experiments.

These Muffle Trays are made of Fused Quartz (Transparent). If you require these Muffle Trays in Fused Silica (Translucent), Contact Us Now.

Material: Fused Silica/Quartz

Brand: Infusil

Item Code Nominal Length (mm)


No. of Holes
T2110 39 2
T2120 76 4
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