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Molecular Sets Teacher Model

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The Molecular Sets Teacher Model is an ideal teaching instrument for instructors, featuring an interactive, visual depiction of complex chemical principles. This complete array of molecular depictions furnishes a teacher with multiple options to display chemical concepts in a simple manner.

Along with the set, interconnectable pieces symbolizing atoms and bonds are included to assist students in grasping molecular architecture, chemical bonding, and 3D models.

Molecular sets are also known as Atomic Model Sets. This Teacher Model set consists of moulded balls of different colours and sizes along with connecting lugs of different sizes. These sets are very helpful in modelling different organic & Inorganic compounds. This 186 Piece set consists of lugs & balls of prescribed colours & sizes packed in a moulded box. This comprehensive set provides an ideal teaching aid to help students understand the structures and bonds of molecular compounds. It helps create reliable and accurate representations of molecules, enabling students to explore 3D molecular structures.

Material: Polystyrene

Brand: PolyLab
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