Microscopic Glass Slides

Microscopic Glass Slides


Size: 76mm x 26mm x 1.35mm

76mm x 26mm x 1.35mm
SKU: R17105

Microscopic glass slides are necessary for laboratory research, specifically designed for specimen preparation and thorough microscopic analysis.

Clear, smooth, flat surfaces are great for mounting materials under a microscope, looking at cells, tissues, and minuscule constructions. These slides are used by researchers, pathologists, and scientists, in conducting precise and informative microscopic analyses.

Microscopic Glass Slides

If you're searching for a dependable microscope examination tool, then the Microscopic Glass Slides are an essential item for any laboratory. This package comes with 50 slides, each providing an optimal surface for viewing your samples. These slides boast superior surface quality and exceptional stability, making it easier for you to analyze your specimens with precision. Whether you're a student, researcher, or working in an industrial setting, these slides are perfect for all your educational, professional, and scientific needs.

Packing: 50Pcs/Pk

Item Code Pcs/Pk

Length x Width(±1mm)


Thickness (±0.05mm) Refractive Index(±0.015)
R17105ALCH 50 75 x 25 ±1.0
R17105ROHE 50 76 x 26 ±1.35 1.5255
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76mm x 26mm x 1.35mm

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