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Microscope Slide Boxes


Type: 25 Slides

25 Slides
50 Slides
100 Slides
SKU: P62104

Microscope Slide Boxes are essential for maintaining the integrity of slides for future study. They create a sealed environment to shield slides from contamination and harm. Their space-saving form and secure closure make it simple to store and access slides for research.

Microscope Slide Boxes are durable, compact & provide utmost protection to 1″x 3″ slides. Heavy walls will not warp, splinter or crack. Boxes are unaffected by humidity and are thoroughly insect proof. The base of the slide Box has a numbered index for easy slide Identification.

Material: Polystyrene

Brand: PolyLab

Code Particulars
P62104 25 Slides
P62105 50 Slides
P62106 100 Slides


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25 Slides, 50 Slides, 100 Slides
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