Micro Test Plates

Micro Test Plates


Style: Flat Bottom

Flat Bottom
U Bottom
SKU: P66801

The wells of Micro Test Plates are laid out in a grid pattern, permitting researchers to perform a high number of experiments concurrently, maximizing savings in both time and resources. 

The advantageous low volume of each well helps reduce sample waste and reagent consumption, resulting in economical and eco-friendly laboratory practices. 

Micro Test Plates are made of optically clear, non-toxic Polystyrene. These plates with 96 U Bottom or Flat Bottom well bear alpha-numeric index. Uniform placement of all the wells facilitates the use of multi-channel pipettes.  

Material: Polystyrene 

Item Code Type Brand
941196T Flat Bottom Tarsons
P66801 U Bottom Polylab


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Flat Bottom, U Bottom

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