Micro Pipette Stand


The Micro Pipette Stand is an ideal lab accessory that offers a stable and upright storage solution that prevents damage to delicate pipette tips and contamination. It also features distinct slots or wells to fit different pipette sizes, ensuring a secure fit and optimum stability.

MICROLIT FAVEO is a sleek pipette stand which allows the pipettes to be conveniently stored in style. The rotating nature of this carousel stand allows the user to place or remove the pipettes easily from the stand. This helps the user in accessing the desired pipette with much ease.

The stand is designed to hold up to 3 multichannel micropipettes, 6 single-channel micropipettes or a combination of 3 single channel and 3 multichannel micropipettes.

The stable base of the stand assists in a single-handed operation. The sturdy design ensures the safe keeping of the pipettes in a quite effective manner.

Made of polypropylene, this stand can be easily cleaned with soap and water, or common laboratory disinfectants.

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