Laser View Kit

Laser View Kit


Type: Full Kit

Full Kit
Set of 6
Set of 2
SKU: SE.HL1985-001

The Laser View Kit includes custom prisms and bars designed to make laser beams visible when passing through plastic. These prisms match the shapes of the Hodson Light Box kit, while the bars are newly molded for a longer and curved design.

This kit utilizes bars to demonstrate the fundamental concepts of optical fiber, including the phenomenon of internal reflection. Its relevance to Photonics is also explored through the study of light within fiber optic cables. This product is offered in three distinct variations. 

Full Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Light Guide, straight bar 250x20x10mm thick
  • 1 x Light Guide, curved bar 250x20x10mm thick
  • 1 x Rectangular block 75x45x12mm thick
  • 1 x Half Round block 75x40x12mm thick
  • 1 x 45ox45ox90o prism 85mm base x 12mm thick
  • 1 x 60ox60ox60o prism 62mm sides x 12mm thick
  • 1 x 30ox60ox90o prism 85mm longest side x 12mm thick
  • 1 x Bi-convex lens 60mm long x 12mm thick
  • 1 x extra space is allowed in the packaging for small laser device to be stored

*also available in sets of 2 and 6

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Dimensions:  310mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 47mm (H)
Weight: 0.75 kg
Brand: IEC


Product Code Type Description
SE.HL1985-001 Full Kit 6 shapes and 2 bars
SE.HL1985-100 Set of 6 prism and lens shapes only
SE.HL1985-200 Set of 2 2 straight and curved Light Guide bars only

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Full Kit, Set of 6, Set of 2
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