High Speed Overhead Stirrer

High Speed Overhead Stirrer


Size: RQ20PLUS


High Speed Overhead Stirrer is designed to handle rapid, efficient mixing of large volumes of liquids and solutions. It has an overhead configuration that keeps it above the solution, averting any risk of contamination and enabling easy adjustments. This enables homogenous mixing of substances in the laboratory and manufacturing sectors.

High-Speed Overhead Stirrer by REMI India. Perfect suitable next-generation laboratory stirrers for stirring/mixing etc. of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic products. The equipment basically consists of a body, chuck, stainless steel blade propeller, and a U-type stand.

  • 2 models “ 40 litres & 20 litres capacity
  • Speed range 50 “ 2200 rpm
  • High torque even at low speeds
  • Monitoring of set & actual speed
  • Constant speed even with the change of load / Voltage
  • Advanced Stirrers with microprocessor technology
  • Constant speed even with the change of load / Voltage
  • Maintenance-free Brushless DC motor ensures a high torque
  • Accurate stirring speed control
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD for display of set & actual parameters
  • Display of torque/speed
  • Last parameter recall, ideal for repetitive processes
  • Accepts shafts up to 13mm
  • Motor protection in case of continuous overload
  • Stopper for protection of vessel & shaft
  • The special base design for toppling-free operation
  • Protection class acc. to DIN/EN 60529


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Technical Specifications
RQ – 40 Plus RQ-20 Plus
Max. stirring capacity (Water)[Liters] 40 20
Motor rating input [W] 120 60
Motor rating output [ W] 100 50
Speed range [rpm] 50-2200 50-2200
Speed display LCD LCD
Max. torque [Ncm] 60 40
Torque display LCD LCD
Motor Overload protection LED light flash, auto stop LED light flash, auto stop
Chuck [mm] 13 13
Stirring Shaft x length (mm) 14 x 220 14 x 220
Dimensions [W x H x D] (mm) 83 x 220 x 186 83 x 220 x 186
Weight [kg] 2.4 2.4
Power [W] 130 70
Protection class acc. to DIN/EN 60529 IP 42 IP 42
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