Distillation Oil Extraction set of 6 Glassware

Distillation Oil Extraction set of 6 Glassware


The Distillation Oil Extraction set of 6 Glassware pieces is an essential ensemble precision-engineered for laboratories performing oil extraction and distillation.

This set includes a selection of glassware, including flasks, condensers, and receiving vessels, each meticulously crafted to streamline and optimize the oil extraction process.

Distillation Oil Extraction Set of 6 Glassware - A kit contains a set of 6 glassware items with size B - 24 ground-glass joints giving it maximum flexibility. This kit is ideal for separating substances into their pure form.

This Kit comes with: 

  • B24 Round bottom flasks  500ml x 2
  • A B24 Liebig Condenser 300mm x 1
  • Receiver Adapter with Vacuum Connection B24 X 1
  • Thermometer Pocket B24 X 1
  • Still Head Adapter B24 X 1

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