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Distilling Flasks Jointed with Side Arm


Capacity: 250ml

SKU: 15.00.1173

In laboratory experimentation, Distilling Flasks Jointed with Side Arm are indispensable. Their side arm attachment points support the connection of complementary instrumentation for precise temperature readings or collection of distillate vapor.

This advanced feature increases the flasks' usability, permitting greater control of the distillation process and enhanced accuracy of results.

Distillation Flasks Jointed with sidearm are manufactured with Borosilicate 3.3 glass. 

Packing: 1Pc/Pk

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Item Code Capacity (ml) Joint
15.00.1171 100 B24
15.00.1172 125 B24
15.00.1173 250 B24
15.00.1174 500 B24
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