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Carboys with Stopcock Polypropylene


Capacity: 10ltr

SKU: P34051


Carboys with Stopcock Polypropylene are a dependable option for containing and pouring liquids in laboratory environments. These carboys provide excellent resistance to numerous chemicals and ensure longevity. Additionally, the integrated stopcock grants users' precise control of fluid release, minimizing the chance of messes and ensuring accurate measurements.


Carboys with stopcock are autoclavable, dependable and durable. These are also equipped with a leak-proof spigot screwed to the body. These carboys are an excellent replacement for glass carboys and are used for storing and dispensing distilled water and other laboratory solutions.

Brand: PolyLab/Tarsons

Packing: Price/Pc

Item Code Capacity Pcs/Pk. Brand
P34051 10Ltr 1 PolyLab
P34052 20Ltr 1 PolyLab
T583270 50Ltr 1 Tarsons
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10ltr, 20ltr, 50Ltr
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