Calorimeter Cup Copper

Calorimeter Cup Inner/Outer with Spare Parts


Type: Copper / Small

Copper / Small
Copper / Large
Copper Set with Stirrer
Foam Cup Only
Large Lid / Long Stirrer Rod / Disc
SKU: SE.HL0810-001

The Calorimeter Cup provides a controlled environment for accurately measuring heat loss and heat gain. It allows researchers and scientists to determine the energy changes associated with processes like combustion, dissolution, or neutralization reactions.

 *nickel plated

 *designed to be used with water only

Product Code Material Dims (DxH) Weight Manual
SE.HL0810-001 Copper / Small  50x75mm  0.05 kg See Here
SE.HL0812-001 Copper / Large 75x100mm 0.10 kg See Here
SE.HL0820-001 Copper set with stirrer 85x150mm 0.18 kg See Here
SE.PA0820-005 Foam Cup Only

SE.PA0820-010 Large Lid, Long Stirrer Rod and Disc

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Copper / Small, Copper / Large, Copper Set with Stirrer, Foam Cup Only, Large Lid / Long Stirrer Rod / Disc
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