Burettes PTFE Stopcock Class A Borosilicate Glass

Burettes PTFE Stopcock Class A Borosilicate Glass


Size (ml): 10ml

SKU: 17.00.0121

Burettes are essential for laboratory settings and help measure volumes of liquid. Utilized for titrations, the long, graduated glass tubes feature a stopcock at the bottom providing operators with the ability to dispense volumes of liquid in a variable and accurate manner, drop by drop if desired.

This technique is often used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution, through the use of a solution of known concentration.

Burettes are manufactured from BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass making them resistant to heat and feature a PTFE Key stopcock for ease of use. These burettes are manufactured from precision bore tubing for accuracy. These A-Class burettes come with individual work certificates.

Packing: 1Pc/Pk

Item Code Capacity (ml) Division Tolerance
17.00.0121 10 0.05 0.03(±ml)
17.00.0122 25 0.1 0.05(±ml)
17.00.0123 50 0.1 0.05(±ml)
17.00.0124 100 0.2 0.1(±ml)


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