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Brix Hydrometer @ 20°C 270mm long

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Measuring Range: 0 to 20 Brix

0 to 20 Brix
20 to 30 Brix

This specialized instrument, the Brix hydrometer, is calibrated at 20°C and measures 270mm in length. It is widely used in food and beverages for determining sugar concentration, specifically in sucrose solutions under the standard temperature of 20°C. The 270mm length ensures precision and accuracy of readings across various applications.

The Brix Hydrometer is a precision-calibrated measuring device used to determine density and sugar content in sugary liquids or other solutions. Its 270mm length and 20°C temperature calibration make it suitable for a variety of applications. The accuracy of the hydrometer increases the reliability of testing, allowing for more confidence in the results.

Brix Hydrometers are used in wine production for measuring the percentage of sugar. The Brix scale is equivalent to Balling and Plato scales.

  • Calibrated at 20°C in accordance with the requirements of the Standards.
  • The approximate total length of 270 mm.

Material: Glass Hydrometers

Brand: Thimson

Item Code Measuring Range (Brix) Sub Division (g/ml) Pcs/Pk.
BRIXHY001 0 to 20 Brix 0.2 1
BRIXHY002 20 to 30 Brix 0.1 1
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Measuring Range

0 to 20 Brix, 20 to 30 Brix
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