Boyle's Law Apparatus High Pressure with Air Pump No Mercury

Boyle's Law Apparatus High Pressure with Spare Parts


Item: Boyle's Law Apparatus HP

Boyle's Law Apparatus HP
Glass Tube / Open End
Glass Tube / Closed End
Colored Fluid
Pressure Pot / Complete
Pressure Pot / Top Molding
Metal O Rings / Set of 8
Plastic Air Pump
SKU: SE.MF0360-001P-1

This Boyle's Law Apparatus High Pressure performs a high pressure experiment without mercury, using a safe fluid and an adjustable pointer on a gauge to measure the reduced air volume in a heavy walled glass tube. The kit comes with an Air Pump and colored fluid.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Base, tank, 400kPa gauge and column assembly
  • 1 x Bottle of colored fluid for half-filling the tank
  • 1 x Small efficient dual piston pump as used for pumping tires
  • 1 x Nylon line from reservoir to pump
  • 1 x Storage bracket for pump 

*with air pump no mercury

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Brand: IEC
Dimensions:  160mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 730mm (H)
Weight: 2 kg


Product Code Item Descriptions
SE.MF0360-001P Boyle's Law Apparatus High pressure
SE.PA0360-002 Glass Tube / Open End Heavy walled, Open at both ends. Size: 12x649mm ODxL. 2.2mm wall thickness. 'Flamed ends' for smooth edges
SE.PA0360-004 Glass Tube / Closed End Heavy walled, Size: 12x650mm ODxL.
SE.PA0360-003 Colored Fluid Bottle of colored fluid; enough for one loading
SE.PA0360-008 Pressure Pot / Complete
SE.PA0360-009 Pressure Pot / Top Molding
SE.PA0360-010 Metal O Rings / Set of 8
SE.PA0361-001 Plastic Air Pump
Additional Information

Boyle's Law Apparatus HP, Glass Tube / Open End, Glass Tube / Closed End, Colored Fluid, Pressure Pot / Complete, Pressure Pot / Top Molding, Metal O Rings / Set of 8, Plastic Air Pump
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