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Cast Iron Bossheads


Size: Upto12mm

Upto 20mm
SKU: 13.00.1551

Cast Iron Bossheads are used to affix apparatus to support rods or frames, these clamps provide a safe and solid foundation for experimentation. Their construction offers robustness and immunity to corrosion, making them a dependable option for numerous scientific endeavors.

Bosshead to use with retort Stands, Condenser Clamps, or any other apparatus. These boss heads are made from die-cast iron and painted to a nice black finish. The screw and block style connection is able to support a good amount of weight.

Packing: 1 Pc/Pk.

Item Code Size (mm)
13.00.1551 holds up to 12 mm, Rod
13.00.1552 holds up to 16 mm, Rod
13.00.1553 holds up to 20 mm, Rod


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Upto12mm, Upto16mm, Upto 20mm
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