Basic Electronics Kit

Basic Electronics Kit Links Meters

SKU: SE.EM1764-001
This Basic Electronics Kit is designed for conducting basic experiments in electric and electronic circuits. It covers topics such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, LEDs, lamps, rectification and filtering principles, voltage regulators, and measuring techniques.
By building functional circuits, students can be engaged in hands-on learning and develop a deeper understanding of electronics. The materials included in this kit are of superior quality, ensuring longevity for classroom use.
Individual components are housed in 2mm banana plug systems with adaptors to 4mm, reducing clutter. Small links join components and a back panel allows for logical circuit plotting. Includes 12V PlugPak, mini power supply, and signal generator in a convenient carry case with experiment book. 
Kit Contains:
  • 23 mini transparent housings for components
  • 15 small transparent housings for components
  • 4 large transparent housings for components
  • Hardware (plugs, adaptors, lamps, clips, cables, etc.)
  • 4 base plates under the component tray
NOTE: The Mains Adaptor converts Mains Power to 12V.AC at 1amp. Standard low voltage cable plug must fit 5.5mm outside diameter and 2.5mm pin size.
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