Air Track Spark Recording Kit 2mm

Air Track Spark Recording Kit 2mm with Spare Parts


Size: Spark Recording Kit

Spark Recording Kit
Paper Track
Spark Track
SKU: SE.MF0107-401

The Air Track Spark Recording Kit is a complete set of equipment and accessories for conducting spark recording experiments on air tracks. These kits enhance air track functionality by providing visual or auditory motion indications using electrodes, sensors, and recording devices. Perfect for studying the principles of motion, collisions, and conservation of momentum in physics labs.

Air Track kit includes all necessary parts, except the Spark Generator, for frictionless operation. Spark electrodes carry electricity to paper tapes, leaving black dots for calculating velocities and accelerations.

*spark generator sold separately

Brand: IEC 

Product Code Length Descriptions
SE.MF0107-401 Spark Recording Kit / 2mm Read Instruction Sheet
SE.PA0130-083 Paper Track / 2mm With metal strip & 4mm socket
SE.PA0130-085 Spark Track / 2mm With 2 metal strips/sockets for EHV cables

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Spark Recording Kit, Paper Track, Spark Track
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