Air Source for Air Tracks and Tables

Air Source for Air Tracks and Tables Variable Speed


Item: Air Source with Hose

Air Source with Hose
Spare Hose
SKU: SE.LB0115-002

This mains operated air blower, known as the Air Source for Air Tracks and Tables Variable Speed, is compact, visually appealing, and allows for adjustable speed control to meet a variety of air flow needs.

The inlet is located on the upper surface, below the carry handle, preventing debris from the ground from being sucked in. Two strainers are included to block unwanted particles and prevent them from entering the outlet port. Also comes with a flexible hose for easy installation. 

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Brand: IEC
Dimensions:  185mm (Dia) x 225mm (H)
Weight: 2.4 kg
Input: 220/240V AC 50/60 Hz
Max. Current:  4 amps
Internal Fuse: 20mm x 5mm glass cartridge, 8 amp rating
Hose Size: 20mm bore, 2m long, with 26mm dia. flexible fittings each end


Product Code Item
SE.LB0115-002 Air Source with Hose
SE.PA0115-020 Spare Hose
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Air Source with Hose, Spare Hose
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