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What is Melbourne doing in response to COVID-19?

With the spread of COVID-19, it has become a major challenge for nations to focus on advancing healthcare for people & at the same time controlling the economy from reaching a dead end. During these times, a city that has been closely monitoring the situation and ensuring everything is in place is Melnourne. With the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) & the Australian Government Department of Health, Melbourne is taking one step at a time towards backing up the situation.

Earlier, the City of Melbourne announced a local economic stimulus package valued at more than $10 million in order to keep the jobs of the locals and support the city’s business. The first support package endorsed by the Councillor included: suspension of Food Act registrations & street trading permits for 3 months, reduction of rents to halves for eligible tenants in Council owned buildings for 3 months & opportunities to deploy casual and part-time staff to enhance city cleanliness and amenities.

The city had then been taking efforts to waive fees for a few business categories & try everything in support of traders. “We’re developing an investment package to provide direct support to businesses. This will include up to $1 million for training and support, and up to $500,000 in grants to support businesses to develop e-commerce and online services,” said  the Deputy Lord Mayor. 

As a result, the city soon released $5 million in financial support for small to medium sized businesses to invest in online & e-commerce capabilities. The local businesses can now quickly adapt themselves to offer products online, provide virtual services and offer delivery of goods & take-aways. Around 200 small businesses will receive up to $10,000 as help to adapt themselves to the current scenario by investing in new equipment, upgrading their stores or investing in IT. Other 400 businesses will receive up to $5,000 for investment in online & e-commerce activities. Similarly, up to $2000 will be assigned for around 500 organizations to upgrade their staff to suit the situation & enhance their skills.

Apart from providing support to traders and small businesses, the City of Melbourne continues to deliver essential services for their community by giving it top priority. The services that remain open include:

  • Aged care support
  • Waste & recycling
  • Homelessness support
  • Maternal and child healthcare facilities
  • Immunisation services
  • Animal management

As per the Victorian Government’s advice, child care centres in Melbourne remain open, except where individual services have been directed to close by health authorities.

In interest of the wellbeing of children, families & staff, Hotham Hub Children’s Centre & North Melbourne Children’s Centre will remain open as well.

The ever-so-crowded libraries, recreation centres, cultural & art centres, community hubs and visitors centres will remain closed until further notice by the Melbourne authorities. However, the most important business category during the pandemic are the science laboratories. Science Equip being one of the top laboratory equipment providers, is available in Melbourne for online assistance & at-home deliveries. From safety masks to lab equipment, we are taking all measures to deliver our products to you in a hassle-free manner. For more information on laboratory equipment & science apparatus in Melbourne, get in touch with us today!

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