Uses of Micropipette and Li’lpet

Uses of Micropipette and Li’lpet

Both micropipettes and li’lpet are used in science laboratories. Both are used to measure and deliver accurate volumes of liquid. Let’s look at their uses.


Micropipettes can be commonly seen in chemistry, environmental science, research, academic, pharmaceutical, biology, paint, and forensic labs. They are used to transfer small quantities of liquid. They are available in volume ranging between 0.2 – 1000 uL and sizes ranging between P2-P1000. The tips of micropipette are disposable and come as autoclavable attachments so that the liquid can be filled and dispensed with ease. These tips can be purchased either sterile or non-sterile, and both should be preferably RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogen-free. Irrespective of the fact whether you are buying gel, filter or low retention tip, its quality is quite crucial to ensure the accuracy of performance. Usually, the tips should be chosen from the same manufacturer or brand as the micropipette.  When micropipette is put to use, only the tip comes in contact with the solution. The tip has to be replaced with the new one after each use to avoid cross-contamination.

Electronic Micro PipettesThe micropipette has a plunger button, tip ejector button, volume display, volume adjustment dial, and shaft, each of which differs in terms of weight, plunger force, precision, and design, depending on the purpose of use.


Li’lpet is the low-cost miniature version of the micropipette. It handles a fixed volume and used mainly in diagnostic kits for high precision liquid handling. When the nature of operations is such that it calls for sharp accuracy, the sensitivity of handling and reliability, li’lpet is an ideal choice. They are fully autoclavable and available in an optimum size of 130 mm, something along the lines of a syringe. This ensures that the user feels comfortable during pipetting. Usually, li’lpet has two-step plunger operation to facilitate reverse pipetting as well as dispensing up to the last drop. It is available in ten different volume ranging from 5uL to 1000 uL.

lilpetMicropipettes and li’lpet should be bought from a reputed manufacturer or seller after careful consideration of all parameters of use.

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