Most Accurate Glassware For Measurements Used in Laboratory

Most Accurate Glassware For Measurements Used in Laboratory

It’s often confusing to understand every single laboratory glassware especially when you are surrounded by them all the time. Each of these scientific equipment has a significant feature. Most glassware is used for measurements which is why it is essential to be able to differentiate among them. This helps in accurate measurements during experiments. The precision of the glassware in calculation depends on its shape and graduations. Glassware that aren’t used for measurements are utilized as vessels to store & transport liquids in use.

So let us begin with the basics of measuring glassware. Volumetric glassware are broadly divided into two categories: those designed to contain a specific amount of liquid and those designed to deliver a specific amount. Glassware such as graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks are designed to contain and are marked with a TC, i.e., to contain. When the liquid is poured from glassware, a small amount of it gets left behind in the vessel. On the other hand, glassware like pipettes and burettes that are designed to deliver & are marked with a TD, i.e., to deliver. These glassware contain a little more liquid than the marked quantity. When you drain the liquid from a pipette, the exact quantity of liquid is delivered.

Types Of Glassware

1. Graduated Cylinders

These tall narrow vessels have proper markings generally on their side. They also have glass bottoms that function as a spout to pour the liquid out. Unlike beakers, graduated cylinders are used for measuring liquid volumes. They range within the size of about 5ml to 2000ml. These cylinders are highly accurate & measure liquids within 1%. For example, a 100ml graduated cylinder will have 1ml divisions on it while a 10ml graduated cylinder will have readings as precise as 0.1ml.

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2. Burettes

These are long glass tubes with a tap or valve at the bottom, used to dispense a very specific amount of liquid. The burette measures from top to bottom, unlike graduation cylinders. This makes the difference between the starting and final volume equal to the amount dispensed.

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3. Pipettes

This volumetric glassware is designed as a very long, narrow glass tube. The tube has a little rubber bulb at the center and a narrow tip. The hash marks are indicators of the tube getting filled. The bulb at the center creates a vacuum that helps suck air and draw the liquid in the device. The glassware is primarily used as a media dispenser which helps transfer liquids from one container to another during experiments. Pipettes are highly accurate with their accuracy. The size comes in a range of 12 inches to 24 inches and the graduations on the side can measure liquids within a 0.02ml range. Get pipettes for your laboratory here.

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